One step towards running again

Thank you to everyone for the all of the prayers. They are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

Everything moved like clockwork on Friday, March 25th. We were supposed to go in at 9am for the surgery but Dr. Standard called and moved it up. When we arrived at the hospital; we were quickly registered then sat in the waiting room for five minutes. Dr. Standard came out and doodled on Christopher’s legs. One with a smiley face for the core decompression and the other with a ‘botox only’ message. Christopher waited less than five minutes and then we were being prepped for surgery. The nurse said she just loved Christopher because he is so polite. He had nerves of STEEL. He said, ‘Mom, I’m ready to be able to walk, run and jump. Let’s do this thing.’ No child should ever have to be ‘ready’ but I’m so proud of his ‘can-do’ attitude.

His surgery lasted an hour and a half and he had an unexpected epidural due to the bone marrow procedure. We were in recovery for six hours until they admitted him into the hospital. Stacey and Harrison dropped by the hospital and saw Christopher with his larger than life attitude. He thought he was Superman and he could do anything. It was definitely the drugs making him so confident. The epidural wore off around 4am and the real pain set in. He was a wreck. We were behind the pain instead of in front of it. He finally started feeling better around 9:30am. Then, physical therapy came in and showed us the exercises. We went to visit our dear friend, Tanner in the playroom. He was having a rough day.

Christopher was finally discharge around 2pm. Sandi Foote had left popicles at the HP house and Christopher enjoyed the chocolate vanilla one. Yum! He’ll wear the Scottish Rite braces for the next two months 24/7 and use the pink block for a break from them.

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