Just Keep on Trying

We are exactly a week out from surgery. It was a rough week but with every day comes a new challenge and improvement. Christopher’s right leg is really swollen and he now has a rash from the botox injections. The doctor says its fine and to be expected.

For those of you that know Christopher, he didn’t move at all this week, which is not like him. He went from the recliner to the bathroom to bed. At first we thought it was because he was scared to move but quickly realized it was due to pain. We really thought Christopher would rebound like he always does but we were shocked. His spirits finally returned on Friday. He was excited to prank his little brother and Dad for April Fools. He sat in a chair so he could tape up a door. It must be a boy thing.

I was really frustrated in the beginning of the week. I worked so hard to get us to Baltimore that I didn’t stop to think about how it would be once we got back home. I knew we would have physical therapy but I didn’t realize how much red tape is involved with our great insurance. It was just one more hurdle to jump but I have to say I was drained.

I was flustered because not one single pediatric therapist in the area knew what Legg-Calve Perthes Disease was and I don’t know why I was so surprised. I guess I expected something different. I also didn’t know how to get Christopher into the car safely. I was so scared he would fall, then it would be game over. We decided to go with the closest facility since we’ll be in PT every day for a month. We couldn’t see driving 30 minutes one-way five days a week. Christopher’s first session went well and the painkillers helped. He was in more pain the next day but that’s to be expected. Hopefully we’ll find the right match soon.

We’re looking forward to next week and the improvements it will bring. Christopher and I are a little bummed. Today is his school fundraiser and we have never missed it in four years. It has games, rock climbing walls, jump houses, etc. It gets really crowded and he cannot walk that far yet. I had to cancel my work retreat trip to Baltimore and I would have left this Monday. I know, one more trip to Baltimore. I will be sad to not see my co-workers but I would have been a complete basket case if I had gone. I will join via a teleconference line instead.

We return to Baltimore in three weeks for our post-op appointment. I sure hope we see the white fluff on the X-ray that means the bone is growing back!

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4 Responses to Just Keep on Trying

  1. Stacy, what challenges you all are facing. I continue to pray for you all and especially for Christopher! Stay strong, God will keep showing you the way. Love you bunches.

  2. Lisa McElroy says:

    Good to read the update. I will pray for good therapy sessions and good spirits for the whole family. Looking forward to hearing if the xrays show improvements in the near future!


  3. Aunt Sofi and Uncle Mike says:

    Hey Chris,
    Keep following the Cheese…. “Who Moved My Cheese”. Very good book about accepting change. See you in a couple of weeks…….. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacquelyn and Corkey says:

    Hey, Christopher!……just figuring out “how to do this thing” !!!! It’s fun, now. YES, Aunt Sofi is SO RIGHT!!……If you haven’t already…..read the “Who Moved My Cheese”!!!! You will understand it..maybe your mom and dad have already read it!!! Good Luck, Christopher! XOXOXOXOXO

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