Just Keep Moving

Keep on Movin’ On

Dr. Standard and Christopher

Dr. Standard and Christopher

We are two and a half weeks post-op. Christopher is FINALLY moving well and not on painkillers! He is not running a marathon but he can walk 50 feet now. We had the surgery but now what? I have to keep reminding myself (and the whole family) that he was in a lot of pain before the surgery and could barely walk. Now is the time of healing. Our physical therapy is going well and we are back to everyday sessions. I cut them back last week to three sessions because Christopher could barely move. As Dr. Standard would say ‘slow and steady’ — that’s where we are today.

Facts of Life

Some things in life will scare you and I have found one. Homebound schooling…We started this Monday and it’s another full-time job! I don’t know what I was expecting but it is a wake-up call for sure. I’m just thankful that Christopher knows most of the answers because I feel like I’m going back to school. For those that know me well, I am a book worm and like to make good grades but elementary is more advanced these days. Michael took over the homework duties last night because I had the worst stomach flu of my life. You just cannot work or function with a 103 fever.

The Fun Stuff



We added a new member to the family, Ms. Trixie S. Christopher calls her Trixie ‘Spaz.’ She’s 9 weeks old (schnauzer) and already melting the hearts of all of the males in the house. She is also Christopher’s post-surgery puppy that, for whatever reason, we agreed too. I guess I finally got my girl! Every toy, bed, blanket is PINK. I think it is good for Christopher to have a reason to want get up and move. He has to take her out every 30 to 60 minutes because she is not potty-trained. Plus, she keeps him company all day while I work from home and provides a constant heating pad while she sleeps with him. She’s just so darn cute!!!

Just Breathe

Our trip to Baltimore is all set now. We leave April 27th and we are praying for really, really good results. It sounds like Dr. Standard’s surgery schedule is already into May. We were hoping to get the other hip done while in Baltimore to save on the expenses of going back and forth. We’ll have to wait and see. This time I can say ‘wait and see’ and not be disgusted of the connotation of it. (The first time we heard this was in March 2010 when Christopher was misdiagnosed). This time ‘wait and see’ represents a hope for a much brighter future because we didn’t sit and wait to see what could have happened.

Random Thoughts from Christopher

Christopher – Mom, you know the one good thing about getting Perthes is?

Me – No, what?

Christopher – I can be the first in line at Disney World for all of the rides.

Me – I guess a trip to Disney is in order once the doctor clears it. 🙂

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2 Responses to Just Keep Moving

  1. Sandy Miller says:

    Great to hear he’s on the move now. And I, too, would be frightened to home school now-a-days! The math alone is totally new! I have no idea how they get the answer. Give Christopher a hug for me and tell him to “keep on truck’n”. Keep us posted for the next doctor visit.

  2. neliah2507 says:

    I stumbled upon this blog when I clicked on a tag for hip surgery. I just had bilateral hip surgery within the past 3 months and cannot imagine going through what Christopher has at such a young age. My younger brother was diagnosed with the very same disease (most likely a link to the genetic hip problem I had to have surgery for as well). The one good thing about being so young is that you have the BEST ability to recover and get through this and be healthy for the rest of your life. I’m excited to see how you recover Christopher! Best of luck and I will be thinking about you when I’m at physical therapy 🙂

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