10 Day Countdown

We are officially less than 10 days away from returning to Baltimore to see Dr. Standard. Our post-op visit is on April 28th. If we have good results on the right hip, we’ll get the left hip done immediately. I have to say, I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Christopher has nerves of steel once again. He shared with me last night that he is worried about getting too comfortable sitting around. He wants to play sports again. He wants to run again. He wants to be a normal kid.  His strength and determination amaze me each day. He is ready for the next surgery and said he looks forward to watching movies in the hospital. 🙂

It’s been a rough week and it just began. Collin had strep a couple of weeks ago and gave his brother a present over the weekend. Christopher knew he didn’t feel well so I quickly took him to the after-hours pediatric care yesterday. It’s a confirmed case of strep. By the time we got home, he couldn’t even lift his legs because he was so sore and stiff. Michael had to lift him out of the car. It was a wake-up call for us. We’ve seen Christopher getting better every day, but now we see how quickly this disease can bring you to a halt. It shouldn’t be this way, but we are going to face it straight on.

Christopher’s right hip (the one with the bone stem graft and core decompression) is aching most days. I asked Christopher if it was the same pain before the surgery and he says it’s definitely not. I have to believe it is new bone growth and we are going to see outstanding results.

We finally figured out home bound schooling. I think I was too sick last week to think properly. I have Christopher’s work organized on a calendar and we are now caught up. It felt overwhelming at first, but we tackled it like anything else.

“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” It’s our mantra for this week. Happy Easter everyone!

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