Just Do It

Crazy Skies

Christopher arriving in Baltimore - April

Christopher at Hertz rental car

Christopher and I finally made it to Baltimore yesterday evening. It was an exhausting day to say the least. Our flight was delayed twice due to inclement weather. We finally arrived in Baltimore around 7 pm (we should have arrived around 3:30pm).  Christopher gave me a good laugh, though.  We had WiFi on the plane and he FaceTimed a friend. The only problem with this is that Christopher talks louder when FaceTiming on the iPod, so he was practically yelling due to the airplane noise. Thank goodness the lady sitting next to us was a good sport. He gave us a really good chuckle.

My friend Stacey later informed me that a tornado was touching down close to us  just as we were picking up the rental car. I feel for the folks in Alabama with all of the devastation. That weather moved into Baltimore, so it was a very gloomy and exciting day.

The White Fluff
We met with Dr. Standard today for our post-op/pre-op. Our wait time was longer than usual – four hours. However, we received the best news. The right hip definitely has the white fluff and he said we may have saved Christopher’s hip from collapsing at all.  Wouldn’t that be great?!  It’s too late for the left, but hopefully with tomorrow’s bone stem graft and core decompression we can stop Perthes in its tracks and reverse the collapsing.

We’re Ready
Our surgery is scheduled for 8 am. Christopher is second in line. Michael arrived tonight around 8 pm due to the inclement weather; I feel better knowing that I have backup. I will post the electronic hospital card link tomorrow once we are assigned a room. Christopher really appreciated all the cards last time. It brightened his day. Looking forward to a new future and putting this Perthes behind us. Christopher pointed out that we have been to Baltimore every month since February. Wow! He’s absolutely right and our pocketbook feels it. Until tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Just Do It

  1. Mrs. Youssef's 4th Grade Class says:

    Christopher, We are all thinking about you today and wishing you the best and much success with your surgery! We miss you and can’t wait for you to come back to Katy and back to school! Lots of love, Your Classmates, Jonthaon, Matthew, Alec, Emran, Andy, Carlos, Lainey, Justin B., Justin A., Naomy, Maria, Riya, Fio, Rachel, Rose, Christopher C., Maggie, Josh & Mrs. Youssef

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