On the road to recovery

Surgery Time

Dad and me

Christopher and Dad giving us the longhorn sign

We arrived at Sinai at 8 am and were the first patient on the schedule today. The prior case was postponed. Christopher went in around 8:20 and was in recovery by 12:00 pm. Michael dressed up in the blueberry suit this time and walked him to the operating room. Dr. Standard said the surgery was successful and that Chris’s left hip does look worse than the right. We are hoping the bone stem grafting creates new growth so we can avoid the fixator. Time will tell.

We got to meet the Garman family. Anna is such a cutie. Anna and Christopher were next to each other in the recovery area. It was a little party until Christopher got nauseous. Before he turned white as a sheet, he was asking Anna for her FaceTime information for the iPod :).

Send cards
Christopher has been admitted, so you can send him an eCard. He really loved the last ones he received. It definitely brightened his day and made him feel better. You’ll need our room number – 380 – to send him a card.

Christopher is currently resting but felt very nauseous on the ride to the hospital room. I’ll update again when I can.

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