Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Two Steps Back

Pool Therapy

Christopher loves being in the water

This week started out great.  Christopher was finally off the painkillers and having minimal pain.  Everyday he improved in standing, not walking on his tip toes and his limp was getting better.  The difference this time is we had pool therapy instead of land.   However, we started land therapy yesterday and guess what?  He’s in a lot of pain.  If you know Christopher, even on his worst day, his pain level is at a 2.  Well, last night and today it is at a 5. 😦  It’s breaks our heart to see him like this.

Scars Signify Strength
I know many perthes kids have many scars due to multiple surgeries.  I was looking at Christopher’s large quarter size scars from the bone marrow sites and I wonder if they will ever fade.  I’m glad he is a boy because more than likely folks won’t see them unless he is sporting a speedo.  He has six scars from the two surgeries and I know ever time he sees them; he will think of how far he has come in this fight against perthes.

Making Smart Decisions
Christopher and I talked about him participating in the neighborhood swim team.  We both decided he is not ready.  I’m not worried about him; I worried about other swimmers.  What if someone accidentally knocked him down on the slippery pool surface?  What if someone accidentally dived into him and he hits the pool bottom really hard?  With everything he has gone through, it’s not a chance that Christopher is willing to take.  He wants to continue with his swimming program and complete it.  Then, possibly get on the year round swim team.  He amazes us everyday with his maturity and smart thinking.

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6 Responses to Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

  1. What a strong kid you have. Amazing. It really speaks well of your parenting. Love you very much and continue to pray for your family!

    • Christopher'sJourney says:

      Love you too! Hopefully, when this is all over, we can get together. I appreciate the prayers more than you’ll ever know.

  2. Aunt Sofi and Uncle Mike says:

    Perfect timing…. I must have known you guys were POSTING something today.

    Chris, keep up the SMART thinking. See you soon. Give a hug to the family for us!!!

  3. Dolores vinson says:

    Oh girl you have been given such hand, but you are shining as mom. Prayers continue for you and your family . Love you

  4. Christopher'sJourney says:

    Hugs back! You can subscribe to the blog and it will email you. 🙂 See you soon.

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