One Foot In Front of the Other

Greener Grass
Why am I jealous of kids riding skateboards? Seeing kids run through the neighborhood gives me the feeling of longing.  You and I can easily walk a 100 yards and not feel any pain.  Christopher can barely walk to the end of the street without pain and a severe limp.  We take so many things for granted.

Who would have thought that a 10 year old boy will struggle with something as simple as walking?  If Christopher perseveres through the pain today; he will pay for it tomorrow.  He asked me last week when he would run again and I honestly couldn’t look him in the eye and give him a straight answer.  I keep telling him this is just temporary, but is it?  Time will tell.  I believe we have done everything humanly possible to give him a brighter tomorrow.

Summer Around the Corner
Christopher is still meeting with the home bound teacher weekly.  We survived!!!  It was a full-time job but now it is so much more manageable.  I realized that we were working from behind.  It is just like pain management.  You have to stay in front of it.  Once you are behind it; it’s hard to balance it.

One More Trip
We have rearranged our Baltimore trip to June 13th.  We’ll fly in on Sunday and leave on Monday after the appointment.  We’ll see our dear friends for a day; so we are happy.  I’m nervous about this appointment more than others.  Christopher has done well but hasn’t completely rebound from the surgery as quickly as last time.  If Dr. Standard says he sees the white fluff; then we’ll be relieved.  He just commented after the last surgery that the left hip is the worst and it may need ‘the works’.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

More Hope
I stumbled across this story about using bone stem cell grafting as a replacement for hip surgeries in the UK.  This man was 35 years old and had the same procedure as Christopher.  I’m encouraged to see it worked for him.  Surely it’s going to be successful in all of the perthes kids that have gone through this surgery. Read the article.

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1 Response to One Foot In Front of the Other

  1. Aurita Apodaca says:

    Awe Stacy it looks like we will barely miss eachother again. I think about you and Christopher often and I know how you feel!! Hugs to both!

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