Walk This Way

Travel This Way

Two Peas in a Pod

Tanner and Christopher

We are back in Baltimore for a post-op appointment tomorrow – June 13th.  We are late for our post-op but better late than never.  Christopher and I flew in today and it was a typical Baltimore trip.  We sat for 35 minutes on the Tarmac and then we arrived to Baltimore with tornadoes swirling around the area.  On top of that our GPS (aka squirrel) was trying to navigate from Texas and we were lost the first part of the trip.  Our dear friends Stacey, Harrison, Sam and Addison were in the basement taking cover when we arrived.

Famous Dave’s

LCPD Friends

Tanner, Rachel and Christopher

We went to dinner with the Foote and Hay families and had a good time.  Christopher and Tanner are like two peas in a pod.  They talk their own language and understand each other.  They spent most of the night playing on their iPods.  They did take a photo with Rachel Foote but they wouldn’t pose with her.  One day those boys are going to regret that. 🙂

Walking Our Way
Christopher is doing ‘ok’.  He is still not back to where he was after the first surgery. Lately, he has been experiencing hip freeze (that’s what I call it).  He’ll be walking and then his hip will pop and freeze up on him resulting in tripping.  If I think back, it happened before the surgeries too.  At first I was concerned but I suspect it is typically for most kids experiencing perthes.  He has been in pain more than usual lately.  That’s the part I cannot stand.  If we hear the white fluff is on the left, we’ll be thrilled.  We knew this journey was not going to be a fast one.  It’s just time to walk our way.

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