Falling is Not an Option

School is starting in less than one week. I have met with the school and talked about modifications for Christopher. I’m still really nervous and I think he is too. This is the first time he has been to school since February. Hard to believe. He’ll be in 5th grade this year and they change classes every hour. That’s more activity than what he currently does. I tell him falling is not an option. I know kids fall everyday but a kid with bi-lateral perthes can do a lot of damage. I don’t want to stop the progress we have worked so hard for. I’m sure the trail to school will be blazing because I’ll be checking on him often.


A bouncing basketball, a spiraling football, a flame throwing baseball – these are the things that Christopher loves and holds dear to his heart. Now all of that has been put on hold. Our prayers are the bones begin to heal quickly and the pain subsides. I tell him that this is temporary but I now know in my heart that isn’t true. I didn’t mean to mislead him but that’s what I believed at the time. One day, he will walk, run and jump but today is not that day. It’s a time for healing and finding a new Christopher – the one who isn’t defined by sports. I have a feeling that after this is all done and over Christopher will be a stronger, smarter and more well balanced person. Perthes is not just physical it’s mental too. You have to keep your head in the game because that’s half the battle. I’m so thankful to have a strong son like Christopher. He has started to share his story with others and some of the reactions have brought me to tears. We have more folks praying for us than we know. Complete strangers are offering up their prayers. What a blessing!

Here’s a letter from a Sunday School teacher at Kingsland Baptist Church that had only met Christopher for one hour. I found it in our car as we were getting ready for vacation. Click the image below to read it.

The Note

The Note Mr. Dominic wrote to Christopher

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3 Responses to Falling is Not an Option

  1. mrsoulmark says:

    Awesome letter to Christopher!

  2. alliehay says:

    Tears as I read the realizations you are coming to. It is the hardest thing to accept and I can only imagine for you it is harder than what I experienced. Hugs dear friend and lots of prayers for you and your family. In God’s time you will see what he has in store for Christopher and I do believe it will be awesome!

    ps…loved the letter!

  3. Jacquelyn and Corkey says:

    You all have come a LONG,long way! Praise the Lord for his goodness. Christ will always provide whatever it is you need………We are grateful for all the good days you have, Christopher. May each day be brighter and brighter for you in this coming year! Hoping that Fifth Grade will be your best year yet!! XOXOXOXOXO from Meems, Papa, Aunt Mary Shannon, and “Flo”. I am sending you a photo of “Flo”….you can show it to Trixie!!!

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