Give Them Wings To Fly

Christopher is so happy right now. He loves everything about fifth grade. I was a complete wreck that first day. He has been home with me for 24 weeks. I worried about how to protect him. He has been protected at home but sometimes you must give them wings to fly. He is not in as much pain as Michael and I expected. He rises at the crack of dawn to perform his first set of stretches for the day. I may have not mentioned it before but we stretch a couple of times a day or more if we have physical therapy. Dr. Standard said he must stretch to keep up his range of motion and he would be stretching until his senior prom. So far, fifth grade is going well. We are only on day two and expect some speed bumps. I think Christopher likes the feeling of being normal again and who could blame him. We find out the results of our x-rays this Thursday when we talk to the Dr. He hasn’t responded as speedy as he usually does so we have to wait for the web chat.

Mr. Dominic

We were at the ‘Meet and Greet’ for Christopher’s school last Wednesday night when a gentlemen walks over and said ‘there’s my hero’. Michael and I looked at him and were trying to figure out how he knew Christopher. Well, it was Mr. Dominic!!! The wonderful man that wrote the note to Christopher in the last posting. I couldn’t keep my emotions in check. Tears were streaming down my face as Mr. Dominic told Michael and I that Christopher’s name is on his car visor and he prays for him every time he looks up at his name. It turns out that we already knew Dominic’s daughter and Christopher went to pre-school with her and will now have her in his class. Funny how life plays out sometimes.

Save-A-Limb Ride (October 22, 2011)

Our next (in person) visit with Dr. S is on October 17th. We purposely planned around the Save-A-Limb bike ride.

If you would like to help Christopher make a difference, please make a donation in honor of him for his team ‘Perthes Awareness’ at the Save-A-Limb ride.

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1 Response to Give Them Wings To Fly

  1. Sandy Miller says:

    Great news about the first day. That’s huge to have a good start to the year. Since you have been so intensively involved with Christopher all summer, it must really seem strange to have him gone all day. But at the same time, a little breather for you. So enjoy his happiness! It’s wonderful to hear how well he is doing. Prayers your way.

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