Perthes Goes Deep

Well we have survived the first two weeks of school. Christopher hasn’t been in too much pain and he is moving so that is good news. Our prayers have been answered. I’m glad he is going to school because this poem reflects what he is thinking. He had to write a poem about himself. I’m just grateful he has an outlet for his deep thinking.

by Christopher McCloskey

I am funny and kind,
I wonder how I got perthes,
I hear TV buzzing,
I see myself running,
I want for perthes to be over,
I am funny and kind.

I pretend to run limitless,
I feel the wind hitting my face,
I touch the ground,
I worry about perthes,
I cry not running or jumping,
I am funny and kind.

I understand that I have perthes,
I say that perthes is temporary,
I dream of running,
I try to eat new food,
I hope for perthes to be done with,
I am funny and kind.

Christopher's  - I Am Poem

Christopher's - I Am Poem

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2 Responses to Perthes Goes Deep

  1. Sandy says:

    Beautiful Christopher!

  2. DC says:

    Our son has recently been diagnosed with Perthes and we are now patients of Dr. Standard. This poem made my cry, as I realize that our son probably feels the same way. Thank you for sharing your story.

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