Not Going Down Without a Fight

Go Bulldogs (10/01)


Christopher’s Photo for Student Council

Well, it’s official. Christopher is now in Jr. High School. I was so worried he would struggle to walk around the 6th grade hall. He is in some pain but he never once complains. He is enjoying every moment of school and told me it was nice to feel ‘normal’ for once. Once again, he is on the Student Council. He had to write a personal narrative about a story in his life for English class and chose to write about when he was diagnosed with Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. I was so concerned for him. So far, he has managed not to be ridiculed, bullied, or laughed at because of having LCPD. He made an ‘A’ on the story and his personal reflection made me cry. He said he wasn’t sorry he had Legg-Calve Perthes because it made him the person he is today. That is deep for an eleven year old boy.

Shock and Awe (10/18)

I spoke too soon about Christopher doing well. His beloved Grandfather just joined the angels in Heaven and immediately after the service – Christopher’s left hip froze (just like July 4th 2010). He immediately started crying and had to be helped to a pew. On the way home he said, ‘This pain is different. I really messed it up this time.’ We sent his x-rays to Dr. Standard via text and his response was ‘Christopher will need intervention because he has a double hump. It will definitely be hip surgery’. As you can imagine, we’re crushed but trying to put on a strong face for Christopher. We have done everything right. Our daily regiment is more than when he was in sports – swim team, physical therapy and stretching. Plus, throw Boy Scouts and homework in there and we have no time for anything. None of us complain, we just made it our lifestyle. Perthes is going to do what Perthes is going to do. After 4 1/2 years involvement on the left hip, it is possibly coming down to hip surgery to save Christopher’s hips so they will last past his teens.

Baltimore Bound

We go this Wednesday to Baltimore, MD to see our Dr. Standard and truly know what we are up against. We’ll be on ‘Standard’ time on Thursday. I dread this appointment but I cannot put my head in the sand. It’s time to get our game face on and go tackle perthes once more.

Our East Coast Friends

We hope and pray our East Coast friends stay safe and healthy. That super storm affected so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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1 Response to Not Going Down Without a Fight

  1. SandyM says:

    Our prayers and hopes are going out with you. You have got a kid with incredible courage and stamina so he’ll do well. And the rest of you have such a positive outlook that it will help you thru the ordeal as well. And just think of all the prayers coming your way! SandyM

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