Time for a Change

Christopher is ready!

Christopher is ready!

The time has come for a change. Tomorrow represents a time of hope and new beginnings. We had a good two year run with the core and bone marrow transplants. It wasn’t pain free but he could move around. Now, Christopher is on crutches or a wheelchair and the pain comes regardless of the activity. He can just be sitting and a spasm occurs or the hip cracks. He has been ready to have the head splitting long before my husband or I were prepared. The time has come to move forward with the surgery. It is scheduled for February 13, 2013 and the good Dr. Standard will be leading the way. I feel very calm and know this is the right thing to do. I appreciate all of the prayers and kindness many of you have shown.

Christopher and Rachael

Christopher and Rachael

Baltimore is our 2nd home away from home. We have a lot of friends for support here. Many friends, co-workers and family have either called or texted words of encouragement. We saw the Foote family last night for dinner and it was great to see them. It’s really neat to see our children grow. Rachael is so pretty inside and out and Nicki is taller than me with the coolest accent. We saw my dear friend Stacey and her kiddos tonight. It feels like seeing family. The kiddos get along great and always have a great time. It helped to keep our minds distracted of what tomorrow brings. Even though we are ready, time has been flying. We are on Sinai time now.

We have had so many people stop by to see Christopher and offer words of encouragement before we left. Mr. Dominic, which I blogged about before, stopped by to see Christopher before we flew to Baltimore. He has experienced four hip surgeries and knows what Christopher is going through. He wrote Christopher a long letter that was so endearing. He prayed over Christopher and really lifted his spirits. Then, his boy scout troop sent a goodie basket with a stone that each troop member had touch so he could take of part of them with him to Baltimore. It brought a tear to my eye. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Right before we left, Laura Rogers dropped off a huge goodie bag with games, homemade Valentine cards and Christopher’s favorite girl scout cookies.

Here is the link to send Christopher an electronic greeting card while in the hospital – http://www.lifebridgehealth.org/Sinai/SinaiHospitalPatientECards.aspx. You can put ‘PEDS’ as the room number.

Below is the letter that Christopher’s little Kindergartener brother asked my husband to type before we left. I think it sums up how we all feel.

Collin's Notes

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4 Responses to Time for a Change

  1. Dominic Barzilla says:

    Good morning Christopher and Family,
    Praise God for The Lord is faithful!
    I have been praying for all of you morning and night. I know today is the big day.
    specifically, I have prayed for and know that the peace, protection and healing of The Lord is with Christopher, your family and every Doctor and Nurse that is involved.
    You will continue to be in my heart and all my prayers!
    Thanks for keeping us all updated.
    May God Bless and Heal my Hero!

  2. barzilla52@gmail.com says:

    Good morning Christopher and Family.
    Glory be to God. His mercy endures forever. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    Its so true Jesus is our salvation, our healer our Lord and our God. I encourage you Christopher
    Keep your focus on Jesus not the circumstances,for there is nothing to great in heaven or on earth that He cannot fix. Recently I recieved His supernatural healing power I was set totally free of lung cancer Jesus is no respectorof persons what He has done for me He will do for you.
    Be of good cheer Christopher the victory is already your in Christ Jesus simply receive it, claim it
    And give Him the thanks and glory forevermore. God bless you

  3. Jeff Work says:

    Dear Christopher and Family: Dominic Barzilla is one of my best friends and he told me I should follow your “Journey”. What an amazing story and life! I look forward to meeting all of you when you return to Katy. WATCH OUT Christopher!! If Dominic Barzilla is praying for you, I know with absolutely certainty that God listens to Dominic. I also see above that Dominic’s Uncle, “barzilla52@gmail.com” is also lifting you up in prayer. To have two “Barzillas” praying for you is a double-whammy that too few people get the pleasure of experiencing. Stay strong and courageous, Christopher. Your new friend, Jeff Work

  4. Cheryl Schreiber says:

    Hey Christopher,
    I think about you often, and I wish you all the best. I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are truly a wonderful person. I admired your strength and perserverance all last year. You continue to amaze me. I’m going to keep up with your progress. If there is anything I can ever do, don’t hesitate to ask. XX00 Mrs. Schreiber

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