Sinai Time

Head Splitting Osteotomy

Christopher is our hero!

Christopher is our hero!

Christopher’s head splitting osteotomy took six hours until we saw him in recovery. We finally arrived in the hospital room around 7pm. Michael and I had nerves of steel and didn’t fret too much. We could feel everyone’s prayers and we had complete peace about the surgery. Dr. Standard showed us the photos of the hip during surgery. It’s a nice beautiful round femoral head now. Praise the Lord! He also showed us a video of the hip working inside the socket. It looked like a well oiled machine. He said that we won’t know if the surgery was successful for about eight months. He asked us to continue to pray for complete healing. We have so many people praying for Christopher and us. We are still overwhelmed with all of the kindness we have seen.

Here is Dr. Standard’s handiwork. Christopher requested Woody the Woodpecker since he has mastered his laugh. Dr. Standard treats the kids to a doodle on their knee after major surgeries. You can definitely tell that Dr. Standard kept his promise and practiced this drawing.

Woody the Woodpecker

Woody the Woodpecker

Rough Patch
Christopher was doing so well, then things started to go the other way. It started when the physical therapists moved him on Thursday and his epidural started to leak. Anesthesia was called and they quickly resolved the issue and increase his dosage of meds. He will have the epidural for four days. Then, today, physical therapy put on his brace and then tried to move him to the recliner. As they were moving him, a loud pop sound came from his hip and then Christopher was screaming in pain. He has five screws in his hips and we are hoping it was just a muscle or tendon rolling over those screws. They quickly took an xray in our room and Dr. Standard’s physician assistant thought all looked well. Then, Dr. Standard reviewed today’s x-ray with the x-rays from the surgery and he thought he might see a hairline fracture.

Christopher will go back to the OR tomorrow even though it is a Saturday. Dr. Standard wants to double-check the hip and take an x-ray with the OR xray and manipulate Christopher’s hip while he is asleep. If a fracture is present, he will place a couple of screws to hold everything in place. Christopher was concerned it would be the external fixator but he was assured it was only screws. I’ll keep everyone posted on tomorrow’s surgery. I have no idea when we are scheduled. I just know he cannot eat or drink past midnight. Please continue to pray for his complete healing.

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1 Response to Sinai Time

  1. Dominic says:

    Hello Hero,
    I am praying for you and thinking about you my friend. Take comfort and peace that the Loving Hand’s of the Lord will strengthen you and hold you up and heal your body.
    You are Awesome!

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