What’s a Crack-a-lack-in

Hip is Cracked

On Friday, Physical Therapy (PT) was moving Christopher from the bed to the wheelchair in his left-hip brace, when we all heard a ‘pop’. He immediately began screaming and crying. PT said it was more than likely a muscle going over the new titanium screws that was in his hip. Then, they tried to continue to move him and Christopher said he just couldn’t do it. The main therapist told me that he was scared and I said it may be so but I know my boy is in pain. I know my son and he is not faking. We continue to have some friendly banter and in the end I told her he wasn’t moving anymore today. Dr. Standard’s Physician Assistant Allison was close by and she immediately requested an in-room x-ray. Dr. Standard was in DC but he was notified of the situation. Allison came back to tell us she thought everything looked good but wanted Dr. Standard’s opinion first. Then, after Dr. Standard compared the x-ray with the OR x-rays; he knew we needed to go back to the OR.

Christopher went in at 10:45am on Saturday. Dr. Standard was waiting at the elevators for us and quickly started showing me the x-rays and what his game plan was going to be. He said he knew that Christopher had a femoral neck fracture but didn’t know how severe and that his hip was rotated 20 degrees. The night before Christopher kept saying my knee feels like it rotated. He was correct about everything. He knows his body. Dr. Standard had an A, B, C, D, E plan but knew he wouldn’t know which one until Christopher was asleep and he could manipulate the hip. He called us 20 minutes after arriving in the OR and said he needed to go back into the incision and dislocate his hip again to properly correct the fracture. He placed three titanium screws to reinforce the hip and removed the two screws in the troch (the part that connects the muscles) and repositioned them to provide even more reinforcement. He said the most crucial part, the femoral head, was still alive and that the entire femoral head was almost detached. The surgery took four hours and it was rough on Michael and I. We were prepared for the first surgery but this one took us by surprise and then add sleep deprivation and it equals worried parents. We prayed a lot and sent messages to all of our prayer warriors. We appreciate everyone that has prayed over Christopher and us. We definitely can feel those prayers.

Here’s a photo of Christopher’s new hip. Dr. Standard said it looks like a toolbox.

Three more screws

Saturday surgery – 3 more screws

The Blessings

We are thankful that if this had to happen, that it happened in the hospital with Dr. Standard still in the country. He is leaving next Sunday for a mission trip in the Dominion Republic. If this would have happened after we returned home or over at the Hackerman-Patz house – it could have been worse. A friend told me today, ‘Hard beginnings are great endings’! We just want our boy to be healed and the Heavenly Father is the ultimate healer. We know he will be healed.

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6 Responses to What’s a Crack-a-lack-in

  1. kiwigypsy says:

    Timing is everything here and I know how grateful you must be that Dr Standard was still available to ensure Christopher was well cared for. Hope that the recovery now goes ahead without delay and he goes from strength to strength

  2. Amy McKee says:

    Stacey, what an amazing son you have…his strength and awareness is just truly remarkable. He has GOD’s ear I just know. Christopher may end-up in med school…teaching us all something one day :). May GOD Bless you and your family. Amy McKee

  3. lisa cato says:

    Stacey and Family, We will pray for you and your family. I had no idea all of this was going on. Your iatrics family is here for you always!

  4. Dominic says:

    That may look like just a tool box to the Doctor, but it looks like a heavenly blessing and miracle of technology that will have Christopher up and running in no time. May God continue to bless his healing and get him home soon!
    Continuously Praying,
    Dominic Barzilla

  5. Jane Gehring says:

    Hi Stacy – got the link to these posts from Laura; we will pray for Christopher’s recovery and to be free from pain, every day. We will also pray for your family to have strength while going through all of this. We so missed seeing handsome Christopher at the Cotillion dinner last night – the girls all looked so pretty, and grown up too! God bless –

  6. Jana Carmichael says:

    Please let Christopher that Mrs. Carmichael is praying for him! I have just recently joined your list to follow his progress. Praying for all of you! Tell him that I said he sure makes things really “complicated”…he should smile! 🙂 (it’s an inside joke!)
    Hope to see his sweet smile sooner than later!
    Jana Carmichael

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