You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

Baltimore News

We received a very good report from Dr. Standard. He said everything was healing nicely and that Christopher could begin to put weight on the left hip. He can put 20 lbs on this week, and add 20 lbs more each week until he is finally full weight-bearing.  He should be walking within in a month. Dr. Standard said it would be October until he lets us know if the surgery is a success or not. As long as the blood flow stays, we are safe. I know that Christopher will make it to this milestone and surpass it. The good doctor also said Christopher is the first to break his femur. I really wished Christopher would stop trying to be the first at everything. 🙂

We had our first weight bearing physical therapy session since October. It went very well. Christopher is walking with a walker but he is walking! I’m so proud of him. I know he will do the work needed to be able to walk and run tomorrow.  In the meantime, his patrol in Boy Scouts elected him Patrol Leader. He was so happy and I’m so proud of the strong, caring, Christian man he is becoming.

Summer Time is Near

This summer represents a new beginning for us and no more school. I have to say that school is more advanced than when I went to school. I really think I learned some of those math concepts in college.  I guess that dates me.  The good news is we are both getting A’s.

We will no longer take for granted the little things in life. We’ll live it to the fullest.

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2 Responses to You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

  1. Sandy B says:

    Great News Christopher! Keep it up.

  2. remus49 says:

    That is wonderful news. Being on the post-surgery path here at our house now, we can fully appreciate the complexities! Keep up the gains. And as to math, after helping some g’kids, they are way advanced !!!

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