Where We Need to Be

Today has been a windstorm.  We arrived in Baltimore at 10am with an afternoon appointment with Dr. Standard and finished tonight at 7pm.  I chose to miss a company retreat to make this appointment and for screw removal tomorrow.  It’s a blessing that we made it because Christopher is not doing well at all.  Dr. Standard totally blindsided us with the news that Christopher’s hip is coming out of the socket.  That explains the immense pain he has been experiencing for the past week.  Dr. Standard said it was extremely rare for the hip to come out of the socket so late.  Typically, it happens within the first three months of the head reduction osteotomy.  Well, Christopher doesn’t want to be normal.

The plan for tomorrow’s surgery is to manipulate his hip while he is asleep and place a Biomet Zip Tight (a fake ligament) to keep the femoral head in place.  Then, he’ll remove two trochanter screws and either release tendons or give Botox injections.  We know for sure he will be admitted into the hospital, just not sure how long at this point.

We know God has Christopher in His hands and He will receive all of the glory. Christopher is in as good of spirits as can be expected. We were definitely shocked by today’s news but Christopher said he cannot stay like this and we agree.

Here is the link to send Christopher an electronic greeting card while in the hospital – http://www.lifebridgehealth.org/Sinai/SinaiHospitalPatientECards.aspx. You can put ‘PEDS’ as the room number.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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