Where Everybody Knows Your Name

It has been a roller coaster ride since we arrived to Baltimore. Christopher could barely lay down for x-rays so I knew we were in some serious trouble. I knew this a couple of weeks ago too but thought I was being a Mama Bear. His hip was sub flexing (coming out of the socket) so a simple troch screw surgery is not what happened yesterday.

We were the first surgery of the day and I’m thankful. He was in surgery for four 1/2 hours. Christopher had a Biomet Zip Tight installed (fake ligament), two trochanter screws removed, adduction tendon release and Botox injections. Dr. Standard said before the surgery that he would manipulate  Christopher’s hip  while he was asleep and if it didn’t stay contained with the Zip Tight, then we would need the external fixator. Thanks be to God; it is keeping his hip contained. Christopher will be in the hospital for three days due to muscle spasms, pain management and waiting on a Scottish Rite brace.

His recovery time will be 4 – 6 weeks wearing the Scottish Rite brace 24/7, plus he cannot sit higher than 60 degrees.  I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone because in February he couldn’t sit higher than 60 degrees. The airplane ride back is going to be tricky but we do know what to expect this time.  Can you say bring on the pain meds?

We should have a frequent visitor card to Sinai hospital. Everyone here remembers us and knows our name. We have had a long journey that I hope will end very soon.  This Perthes ride is hard but not impossible.  Thanks be to God because He is the ultimate healer and gives us the strength to overcome this battle with Perthes.

If you want to send Christopher a card, here’s the link: http://www.lifebridgehealth.org/Sinai/SinaiHospitalPatientECards.aspx. We are in room 3118.

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1 Response to Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. Mitch Arnowitz says:

    Hi guys, the card link above didn’t work. More important, we’re all thinking about you & praying for a pain free recovery. Its definatrly good to be in a place where everyone remembers your name. Sending love and prayers your way Christopher, Love ALL the Arnowitz’s

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