Expect the Unexpected

Time to Leave

Christopher was discharged on Friday from Sinai Hospital even though he is running a fever. I’m told this is normal but time will tell. A lot of things had to happen before we could leave the hospital and divine intervention was definitely present. They delivered a larger wheelchair twice but it wasn’t wide enough for the new 40 degree abduction Scottish Rite brace. I knew it was the one thing that would keep us in the hospital over the weekend. Later in the afternoon, the correct one was delivered, his brace was readjusted for the third time, and he passed the physical therapy test. My nickname for him now is ‘Space Cowboy’. Imagine doing the splits, then putting on a brace and that’s how my Christopher walks – with a lot of space between his legs looking like a cowboy stance.

The Works

After being discharged, we had to wait another hour in Dr. Standard’s office for another x-ray and clearance to leave.  Dr. Standard came down between operations to personally check Christopher’s Zip Tight placement. He told us to make sure he puts his knee caps to the ceiling. He looks bionic!!!

Here are the videos of Christopher’s surgery. The first one shows what happens when he crosses his legs, the hip comes out of socket. The second shows the Biomet Zip Tight in place keeping his hip contained.

Smooth Flying

United First Class

This is how to travel when you cannot sit past 60 degrees

Since Christopher cannot sit past 60 degrees, I didn’t attempt to fly home in coach. I used my airline miles and upgraded us to first class; I’m so glad I did!  The seats reclined all the way back. Even though we were in the first two seats, his brace would not fit down the aisles. We had to take off the brace and use the abduction pillow. We call it pinkie since it only comes in pink. It was a challenge. A complete stranger came up to me and asked if Christopher like football, then gave us an NFL pin.  People looked at me like I was crazy traveling alone and I agree with them. If I had known it was going to be that rough, I would have asked for hubby to come with me.

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