Our Second Home

Baltimore Bound

Christopher and I will leave next week for Baltimore for the follow-up appointment for the head splitting osteotomy and the fake ligament as well as the Save-A-Limb ride. I would like to say that seven weeks post-op that he is doing great but I cannot say that.  The good news is he has moved from the walker to crutches. That being said, walking these days on crutches is very painful. I don’t want to speculate what could be going on. I’m glad we are seeing Dr. Standard in nine days. My mommy instincts tell me something is up but I pray that I am dead wrong.

Too Cool for School

Our Superhero

Our Superhero

It’s hard having school at home.  I swear some of those algebra equations I learned in college.  That just dates me. Dr. Standard said he could go back to school but we had to put the brakes on.  He has to wear the brace all day at school.  We just couldn’t let him do it on crutches. This is the first time we have seen Christopher’s spirits down and we just didn’t think he could mentally handle the teasing that might occur with the monstrosity brace he wears nightly. Around the house, he is not required to wear it but at school someone might accidentally bump into him or knock him down. He is not allowed to cross center yet.

Hard Work

All of the studying over the years has paid off.  Christopher was invited to join the Duke TIPS program because he made a perfect score on his standardize test in Science. That lifted his spirits because he has something to look forward to.

Christopher is still plugging away at physical therapy three times a week and we just added pool. It used to be his favorite but this time he is in a LOT of pain afterwards. Not sure why his pain level increases more in the pool than land.  We’ll visit the Sinai Hospital Physical Therapy while in Baltimore to get the proper protocol and videotape everything.

Friends for Life

The one bonus to making this October trip is seeing the friends we have made along the way and we’ll be meeting new faces. A lot of Christopher’s original Perthes friends are no longer dealing with the daily life of pain and most are playing sports. We are happy for them and we pray Christopher will be there very soon. We couldn’t have made it without our Perthes friends. There are too many to name. It’s a family that understands what it is like to have the mobility devices, the struggles you face daily and just know how hard it really can be sometimes.


Christopher has once again joined team ‘Perthes Awareness’. If you would like to help Christopher make a difference, please make a donation in honor of him at the Save-A-Limb ride.

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