Groundhog Day

Good Report

Christopher and I went to Baltimore for his post-op appointment and Save-A-Limb.  His check-up was so-so. It was the first time we saw concern on Dr. Standard’s face. I’m hoping it was due to the sleep deprivation of the new baby girl. He said Christopher’s x-rays looked good and nothing had changed but he was concerned with Christopher’s pain level. It’s fine if it’s new pain but the old pain could mean avascular necrosis (Adult Perthes) and we wouldn’t know for six months.  If this does occur, then the external fixator would be needed. In the shadows is the lurking ‘external fixator’.  I hope and pray we don’t need it.  Christopher has been through enough with 5 surgeries.

The Truth

Christopher and I were driving to the Baltimore airport when all the emotions of the weekend came out. He asked me a valid question, ‘Mom, how can you tell me everything is going to fine when we have received so many good reports before?” This is what happens when you have been on the Perthes roller coaster for five years. At this point, I just look at the worst case scenario and it’s nothing we cannot live with.  We hope and pray his hip becomes strong and he is able to walk again. Eventually, we are bound to get a break.

School Days

The one good point about seeing Dr. Standard is that he released Christopher to go back to school on crutches without the brace. We were so excited that he could see all of his friends on a daily basis. He has been home with me for 10 months and he is ready to burn down the house. We are very excited to have him return to 7th grade and begin to have some normalcy.


We want to thank all our family, friends and colleagues that help Christopher raise $5,540.50 for the Save-A-Limb. This journey has been very long with a lot of twists and turns. We couldn’t have made it without your support and prayers.

Batboy and Batman - fighting Perthes

Batboy and Batman – fighting Perthes

Dr. Standard, Chris and Earl Cole (Perthes/Fiji Survivor)

Dr. Standard, Chris and Earl Cole (Perthes/Fiji Survivor)

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2 Responses to Groundhog Day

  1. says:

    Praying for Christopher, and acknowledging what a strong young man, we can learn from him…

  2. remus49 says:

    So glad Christopher is back to school. That’s a great milestone. Prayers continue for you all as the journey continues. SandyM

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