Catching Fire

Laying Low

It was a wild woman on fire week. Christopher was in immense pain over the weekend. I didn’t even ask if we needed x-rays, I just took him to Children’s Hospital and called Dr. Standard along the way.  Chris and I both freaked out because the femoral head looks like it is missing bone. Dr. Standard calmed us down and said it was the fake ligament tunnel and was to be expected. Christopher has been ordered by Dr. Standard to stay home for a week from school so he will have limited activity.  This is every kids dream but mine.  He wants to go to school but walking the hallways on crutches is proving to be difficult.

Christopher had an intense physical therapy session last week that brought him to a halt. He is experiencing muscle spasms from using muscles that he hasn’t used in a long time, at least that is what Dr. Standard is telling us. I’m just not sure at this point. He did have three new stretches introduced last Thursday. It just shows how vulnerable his hip still is after three months post-op.

Frustration Sets In

My hubby and I are at our wits end. We have done everything humanly possible to ensure a full comeback.  We take Christopher to physical therapy, feed him healthy food, stretch him for hours every night just so he can WALK again. We know slow and steady wins the race but it’s been 9 months since he last walked without a mobility device. Sometimes life is just not fair. We have friends that have had hip replacements and are a lot older than Chris that are up and walking. It’s hard to remember that God is in control but He showed us this week.  We saw a sketchy x-ray but it’s fine. We just have to believe that He will take care of our sweet, strong boy.

We consider this week an early Holiday week and we are celebrating Thanksgiving early. We are thankful for our good Doctor, our family, our friends, our Perthes support group and all of the love & support we see daily. It is what keeps us going so slow and steady can win the Perthes race.

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1 Response to Catching Fire

  1. Jane Gehring says:

    Praying for him daily – I hope he is feeling better soon

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