Repeat, Rinse and Start Over Again

Baltimore Bound

Christopher and I will be making a trip to Baltimore tomorrow. It feels like deja-vu because he is having another anthrogram but almost one-year later. He hasn’t attended school since two weeks before Thanksgiving break. He made it all of three full days at school then immense pain ensued with lots of muscle spasms. It’s the first time he will undergo anesthesia and my husband will not be there. He doesn’t have any vacation time due to the head splitting osteotomy in February so we’ll be flying solo. We’ll miss him and little brother dearly.


Dr. Standard ordered lab work stat and more x-rays last week because Christopher came to a halt even though he is still on crutches. Dr. Chris Fischer didn’t sugar coat it for us. He said they see deterioration around the fake ligament and we’ll have the anthrogram to determine if one of the screws (from the hip fracture) is exposed and the culprit of all the pain. It’s supposed to be buried deep for the lifetime of the hip but after the fake ligament, we are seeing change. Sometimes a change is good but in a fragile hip.

Brighter Future

We are praying and believing that Friday’s procedure will be resolved with simple steps to get Christopher back up and moving again. We are sad to have to make this trip but happy to see some dear friends.  Lauren and Anna just had head splitting osteotomies this week and our heart goes out to them. We were sending goodie baskets but now we’ll deliver in person.  Plus, we’ll get to see our friends from Norway at the HP house – Martin and Silje. I’ll update on Friday when I know where Christopher’s journey will continue. We believe God will have all the glory when he heals Christopher entirely.

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