A True Reflection

I look at the little boy in the banner of this blog and remember clearly how this all began. I would have never in a million years thought we would be in a long battle against Perthes. In the beginning I kept telling Christopher it was temporary and within a year this would all be over. Almost six years later, we are still going strong.

The latest events:

  • On December 6th, he had six cortisone shots in the left hip with pain meds. Praise God – it worked! His range of motion was phenomenal under general anesthesia. He was finally pain-free but it was short lived.
  • January 9, 2014 – Christopher returned to physical therapy for one day. After 15 minutes of isometrics, he is in excruciating pain. We are told to stop PT for awhile.
  • By February 1st, the high pain level had returned. Dr. Standard wants to see us in March to re-evaluate and see what is going on.  Christopher can only have cortisone shots every three months.
  • SuperBowl Sunday, Christopher took a nasty fall in our kitchen on the hard tile floor.  He was crutch-ing along and his left crutch slipped and he fell very fast to the floor. We went to Texas Children’s ER, they took xrays and said everything looked the same. Dr. Standard reviewed the x-rays two days later and we both see significant changes. His left hip is starting to recollapse and come out of socket again.

We are back to square one again. It has been a year since he walked on his own. Once again our backs are against the wall and we will come out swinging. We just want Christopher to walk again and regain his childhood. We will not fail.

Perthes is just beginning
Perthes is just beginning
Dr. Standard and Christopher

Dr. Standard and Christopher

CMAC at Save-A-Limb Ride - 10-22-11

CMAC at Save-A-Limb Ride – 10-22-11

2/13/13 - the last time he will walk on his own.

2/13/13 – the last time he will walk on his own.

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