The Big Surprise & Thank You

I do not even know where to begin but I want to thank everyone that was involved with the big surprise for Christopher and our family.  I find it hard to come up with the words to properly thank everyone. While Christopher and I were in West Palm Beach, our church family, at Kingsland Baptist Church, did an extreme home makeover on our house.  I heard from my Mom and neighbors that there were hundreds of people at our house making this happen. I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  We will never be able to repay everyone but we will pay it forward.

Christopher and I were very surprised to see a newly remodeled house.  It happened on both floors. We have beautiful hardwood floors, brand new carpet, granite throughout, new facets, doorknobs, lighting, appliances and a vegetable garden in the back yard with a new fence.  Amazing!  I keep seeing something new each day. Our dear friend Mr. Dominic was behind all of this and we cannot thank you enough for everything. We will strive to be more like you.  We love you!!!

A Time for Healing

I will cautiously say that Christopher is doing very well. After all of these years, I will no longer say he is doing great but rather that God is in completely control and we see it in motion.  It’s very humbling. Christopher had a very large limb length discrepancy after this last surgery – around 4 1/2″.  I teared up when we went to the shoe store because I realized we will never go in and purchase normal shoes.  We had two pairs of orthotic lifts made for him but without them he couldn’t walk.  Each shoe sole has to be cut off, then insert lift and glue the bottom back on. He is 50% weight bearing and walking with a walker with a lot of restrictions like no bending over, no crossing legs, and staying with 20% abduction. The limb length difference will be there permanently unless he has limb lengthening surgery or a total hip replacement.  After 13 surgeries, we will live with the lift for now.

The Real News

We return to West Palm Beach on July 7th and we know this is an important visit. Chris had a setback a couple of weeks ago because we moved to fast in PT.  He walked backwards on the hydra pool treadmill and starting having sharp, stabbing pain for six days. We sent x-rays to Dr. Paley and were assured everything looked fine.   Laura, Christopher’s physical therapist at the Paley Institute, keeps close tabs on Christopher and texts me often. We talked for 30 minutes one night to discuss his pain and next steps.  We will have physical therapy with her the week of July 7th. She will video tape the protocol and we’ll bring it home.  I understand why Dr. Paley wanted us to stay six weeks with his physical therapists.  I cannot say enough good things about his organization. Everyone that Christopher meets cannot help but to love him and want him to succeed.

Our local physical therapy is the best I have seen in Houston.  They are not just Christopher’s therapists but more like family.  Our awesome therapists are Ori, Stacy and Mike.  We are in very good hands.

Chris and Ori

Chris and Ori in the Hydra Pool







Keep the prayers coming.  I don’t know what will happen in West Palm Beach but I do know God is in control. Thank you to everyone that continues to pray for him daily.  Without those prayers, we would have never made it on this journey.

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