Time to Work

Trip to the Beach

First time in the ocean in 3 years!

One Step At a Time

Our trip to West Palm Beach on July 7th was one of the hardest trips I think we’ll ever encounter. Our family had the stomach flu over the 4th of July and our flight was the Sunday after.  It was the boys and myself. We did not make our 8am flight but I did change it to the latest flight of the day at 4:30pm. We should have cancelled but we made it. Christopher and I were the sickest and completely wiped out. We didn’t have fevers and had stopped vomiting but it was rough.  We were completely wiped out.

We arrived for our 10:30am appt but waited all day to see Dr. Paley.  They sent us away to have lunch and only Collin ate. It was funny!  Dr. Paley had a full day of surgeries and we finally saw him at 4:30pm. He looked at Christopher’s hip and released him to full weight bearing as tolerated and kept the restriction of no crossing center. The hip looks really knobbly but we see space which means the cartilage grew back! We celebrated the news by Christopher making a trip to the beach for the first time in three years!!! He paid for it dearly the next day but he finally put his toes in the sand and felt the water!  Praise the Lord! For the next couple of days, we had physical therapy with Laura at the Paley Institute and she transitioned him from the walker to crutches.

We have been home for a few weeks now and the physical therapy is going slow but steady. We are not sure he will be ready to walk into 8th grade in a month.  That is our goal but I think we are a few months away from walking. He had a set-back last week and his hip is quick to inflame on him. We have brought it to Dr. Paley’s attention and we are watching him closely.  We have reduced the physical therapy from four days week down to three.  Dr. Paley’s Physical Therapists (PT) and our local PT are in communication with each other and figuring out the best plan for Christopher’s care.

Our next visit with Dr. Paley will be in October. We hope that appointment stays months away instead of sooner.  With all of this, I know God is in control and what will happen is going to happen.  We are taking it one step at a time right now. One day, he will walk and God will receive all the glory!

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1 Response to Time to Work

  1. Wonderful to hear good news. Praying that he will be walking in to that school! Glad to be connected again with the Journey.

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