Another Chapter

School Days

It’s that time again – the dog days of summer are over. I would love to say Christopher is completely healed and can walk on his own two feet but I cannot do so.  We have been going to physical therapy three to four times a week.  He is better but he is not there yet.  Unfortunately, he has to use crutches to get around.  He has progressed but his quad muscles are still so weak. He started a private school this year and it’s such a blessing!  We miss our friends at Jr. High but I couldn’t go one more year with home bound.  We have done that for three years! God works in mysterious ways and I am grateful!

Florida Time

The newest issue is the left knee is hurting and there is severe pain in the outside lateral hip. Dr. Paley wants to see him and we are scheduled for September 5th.  I personally think it’s the trochanter screws.  He has had 9 pins in that hip and every single one of them have backed out. I doubt the last two are going to be any different.  I’m not a physician but it’s just my hunch.  I sure hope that is the cause of major pain that is referred to the knee.  Also, I’m sure the MAJOR growth spurt that occurred over the summer didn’t help.  He went from 4’9″ to 5’7″- I’m serious.  It’s fun to watch the reactions of people that haven’t seen him in a while.  Everyone is always so shocked when he stands. I’ll update once we know more – on to the next chapter.

Here’s a look of where we started and where we are now:

Perthes is just beginning

Perthes is just beginning

The tall Christopher

The tall Christopher – Today!

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