I’m Walking On Sunshine

A Higher Power

We were told back in February that Christopher’s only choice was a hip fusion or total hip replacement and I wouldn’t accept his fate so I went on a quest to find a new way.  Thanks to the vision of Dr. Paley he is walking.  That’s right, he is WALKING!!!  Plus, he is not just walking, he’s walking WITHOUT pain.  Do you know how big that is for us?  All the glory goes to God!!!  God granted us the vision and carried us through these very dark times.

The Hard Truth

I didn’t update the blog after our visit in August because it was a really bad report and I couldn’t bare to say it.  Dr. Paley said he wasn’t fully rehabilitated and that he would need another surgery, a valgus osteotomy, in three months.  Christopher also has one place that lost cartilage and was bone-on-bone.  At that appointment, Dr. Paley’s Physician Assistant – Dr. Servando pulled me to the side and said, ‘go home and really work on walking.  You guys can do this!’ We go back to the Paley Institute December 12th and I know they will be happy with the results.  Christopher still has a cane but every day he is getting stronger and stronger. For once we can dare to dream what it will be like to have him completely healed. I still tear up thinking about the possibility.  It has been so close many times and then the shoe would fall.  This time, we will make!!!

Turkey Dash

This year we can finally participate in our local YMCA’s Turkey Dash.  Every year we can hear the announcer from our back yard. Christopher’s awesome physical therapist along with friends and family will be there for Christopher to walk the one mile.  We will not take a wheelchair, walker or crutches – only a cane (just in case). It makes my heart smile to know that he CAN do it this year. We are so thankful and blessed this Thanksgiving!





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