Our Christmas Miracle

Our Christmas Miracle

Christopher and Dr. Paley

Christopher and Dr. Paley

Our sweet warrior has prevailed with the grace from God above.  All the glory goes to Him in the highest!  Christopher is walking, running and jumping!!!  Three months ago he was on crutches!  Our only wish for the last four Christmas’s was for Christopher to walk and God has blessed us with this miracle! We would like to thank our God in Heaven, our awesome Dr. Paley and Stacy/team at Spero Rehabilitation!

We saw Dr. Paley on December 12th and the smile on his face was incredible. We heard words like ‘whoa’, ‘amazing’, and ‘fantastic’ while Dr. Paley watched Christopher walk briskly down the hall.  He told Christopher, ‘you have far exceeded my expectations’.  Christopher doesn’t have to see him for a year!!! This is the best Christmas present that money couldn’t buy!!!

We hope each and every one of you have a very blessed Christmas filled with love, laughter and health and a Happy New Year!

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1 Response to Our Christmas Miracle

  1. Your Mimi, Jackie Mary McCloskey+ says:

    God bless you Christopher……….Onward, and Upward !!!! +

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