Looking Back – We have come full circle

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since the new journey began.  Sometimes this year went very slowly but for the most part it flew by. A lot can happen in a year! God blessed us beyond measure!  We will start the journey again to become pain-free and walking.

1/21/2014 – Surrender to God to heal Christopher – he still wasn’t walking after the major head splitting osteotomy on 2/13/2013.

SuperBowl 2014

Superbowl Party 2014

2/2/2014 – Christopher falls on crutches at Superbowl Party at our house (hasn’t fallen for a year)

2/4/2014 – Receive bad news from our physician in Baltimore with suggestion for a hip fusion or Total Hip Replacement (THR)

2/21/2014 – Visit Scottish Rite Hospital to get the advice of Dr. Kim. He sets up a team of physicians to see Christopher’s case. They suggest hip fusion but give us the truth about how difficult that surgery will be physically and mentally.  We decide it’s not the surgery for us.

2/27/2014 – Visit Dr. Paley at the Paley Institute. He evaluates Chris and suggests an external fixator for four months. We are told it may be late summer due to busy schedules. We are driving  away when the scheduler calls us with a surgery date of April 9th.

8th Hip Surgery

Awesome Nurses

4/9/2014 – Major hip surgery #8 – all internal fixation screws are removed with a head shaping osteotomy. 9-day hospital with stay with Constant Passive Motion (CPM) machine with epidural. We cannot have the external fixator due to cartilage damage.

4/9 – 18/2014 – St. Mary’s Hospital stay with the nicest nursing staff in this country.

4/15/2014 – Husband flies home to start new job.

4/9 – 5/13/2014 – Christopher and I are staying in a hotel room with physical therapy everyday while still using the CPM machine and brace. He is only out of the CPM machine 2  hours a day, on heavy pain meds, and can only toe touch with a walker.

5/13/2014 – Come home to a newly, remodeled home thanks to Dominic and the Kingsland Baptist family. There are not words to express our thanks.

9/05/2014 – Meet with Dr. Paley and are told we need to be more aggressive in physical therapy or it’s another big surgery in our future. Chris gets to work.

9/12/2014 – Christopher starts walking without crutches.

YMCA Turkey Dask

Chris is walking

11/27/2014 – Christopher walks in the YMCA Turkey Dash with a cane only. It is gone within a week.

12/10/2014 – First time to get through airport security in less than 10 minutes because we do not have a wheelchair.

12/11/2014 – Dr. Paley is impressed with Christopher’s walking.  Removes all restrictions and is very pleased with Christopher’s progress. He doesn’t want to see us for a year.

3/15/2015  – Major pain while walking. Christopher is back on crutches. Dr. Paley wants to see Christopher urgently on Monday, March 23rd after seeing x-rays and wants him to guard the hip.

We have come full circle but we know God is holding Christopher in the palm of his hand. To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. He was walking fine over the weekend but I knew something wasn’t quite right a couple of weeks ago.  That Mommy intuition is strong but I was praying to be wrong. We’ll see what Monday brings.  Never doubt your instincts!

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