A Hip and a Prayer

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Author Unknown

To Walk or Not walk- that is the question

I realized a long time ago that Christopher would not be able to play flag football, kick a soccer ball into the goal, run across home plate or make an outstanding rebound. We dreamed these things would be possible because he loves sports so much. We thought he was well on his way to accomplish some of these goals with the last surgery. He was finally walking and even did some very light jogging but God had a different plan.

Perthes is going to do what Perthes is going to do.

Christopher finally admitted to me that he was still in a lot of pain (especially at night).   He fell on a concrete drive after one year post-surgery.  This shouldn’t have made a difference but two weeks later he put himself back on crutches. Dr. Paley asked to see us immediately and at that appointment he said Christopher’s hip was impinging for the third time. He told us we were running out of options. Our next step was to see a specialist in Colorado for arthroscopic bone shaving. We never made it to this appointment.

I had just left for a week to work a medical software conference in Chicago and when my plane landed, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree with messages from home.

Here’s one of the texts:

Christopher:  Mom, I had a major hip attack.

Me:  Oh no!  What is your pain level?

Christopher: It’s a 10.

Me:  Did you mistype that number?

Christopher:  No. It hurts so bad.

Me:  What were you doing?

Christopher: Breathing. I was just sitting.

His buddy Byron came for a visit. He had an appt in the medical center.

His buddy Byron came for a visit. He had an appt in the medical center.

I’m grateful to my awesome boss and the owner of the company.  Both Judy and Joel told me to go home but I felt torn. I wanted to be with Christopher but I also needed to do my job. Judy asked me what Christopher wanted and then it was easy to see that I needed to return home.  Chris was admitted into Texas Children’s for four days for pain management. His hip was beginning to sublux internally and was extremely painful.  None of us saw this coming. Dr. Paley’s team worked with Dr. Scott Rosenfeld’s team to figure out how to manage the pain. Only morphine with Tordol would break through the pain. I knew we were in some serious trouble. The physicians all said non-weight bearing with toe touch only.

Walking With God

I knew we couldn’t handle this blow but I knew at that point God was carrying Christopher and my family. Dr. Rosenfeld talked to us about hip fusion but also gave us three names of the top total hip guys in Houston. I had tried to see them a year ago but no one would even consider a total hip because of Christopher’s age. This time, it was completely different. We purposely went to the conservative physician first and we were shocked when he said, ‘I have bad news for you. You need a total hip replacement (THR).’ Then, we proceeded to see three more physicians after him – all with the same opinion. Even Dr. Rosenfeld changed his tune and began to tell us all the reasons why a hip fusion might not work for Christopher.  We consulted the total hip physicians in St. Louis, New York, and Baltimore and they all agreed the only option was THR.  So, we are scheduled for a 30-year hip next Thursday, May 14th at Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center.

God is totally in the driver seat and we didn’t pray for healing but to hear His will.  That’s the one lesson we have learned from this journey. Please join us in praying for a long hip replacement with no complications.

 Greeting Cards

If you want to send Christopher a greeting card while in the hospital, please follow the link below.




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  1. Jacquelyn Mary McCloskey says:

    Am smiling at you dear Christopher: :)…..for a smile is the beginning of Love. ~~~Mother Theresa This is from your Meme with xxx’s and ooo’s

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