Two Feet on the Ground

All the Glory to God in the Highest

Awesome Dr. Harrington!

The awesome Dr. Harrington!

Christopher’s total hip surgery was uneventful and Dr. Harrington was able to give him back all the limb length difference. We were told it would be close but it turned out better than expected.  The catch to this is his sciatic nerve, muscles, and tissues have to account for 4 centimeters.  He did lose feeling from his knees to toes but we finally figured out it was the compression stockings (for blood clots) cutting off all circulation.  Methodist Hospital had great nurses.  They kept referring to Christopher as the ‘baby’ on the floor since all the other orthopedic patients were much older.

Walking in the Clouds

Two Feet on the Ground!

Two Feet on the Ground!

Christopher started walking the day after surgery. He was on cloud 9 when he realized his knees were the same length when he was sitting. We never stopped to think about the possibilities of having both legs the same length again. We were all in tears and giving thanks to God.  This is the photo of him while the spinal block was still working.  He hasn’t been completely pain free since this photo.  Total hip replacement makes all the other 8 surgeries (on this hip) look like child’s play.  It’s not for the faint at heart.

Friends for Life



Isabella brought Christopher a life-size teddy bear because he is a ‘beary good friend’.  Noah came too.  I have to thank  Giannela, Eric, Isabella and Milana for everything. I don’t know what we would do without you guys.  Nana came in for the surgery as well.  She’s our rock!

Nana and Chris

Nana and Chris

All Stitched Up

Christopher can never be normal.  His incision started to bleed from a hemotoma on day 7 after THR.  We couldn’t get to Dr. Harrington until the Houston floods had receded.  I think we barely noticed the storm outside since we have been exhausted from this surgery.  Dr. Harrington had to put a few stitches in where Christopher’s old scars intersects with the new incision. As his brother says, “X marks the spot – Perthes is outta here’. 🙂


Thank you to everyone that texted, called, tweeted, posted.  We had more than 200 messages. I hope I responded to everyone but if I didn’t please know we really appreciated it. We could feel those prayers!

*****WARNING – Actual Surgery Photos – Look at your own risk*****

Freak of Nature

This is what Christopher’s hip looked like – it had a large bone spur on the side.  It’s hard to believe that even could fit in his acetabulum.  No wonder he was in so much pain.  The bone spur came back three times in the exact place.

It's not a thumb! It's a bone spur!

It’s not a thumb! It’s a bone spur!

Shiny New Hip

New Shiny 30 Year Hip

New Shiny 30 Year Hip

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  1. Jacquelyn Mary McCloskey says:

    So happy all’s well and on the mend, Christopher!! Great life ahead!!

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